Full set of secrets to “breaking the island” VinWonders Nam Hoi An from A-Z

VinWonders Nam Hoi An is the world of traditional art values combined with modern entertainment activities, becoming an ideal destination for all visitors.

Address: Coastal road 129, Binh Minh commune, Thang Binh district, Quang Nam province

Operating hours: 09:00 – 20:00 daily

Located in a land rich in historical traditions, VinWonders Nam Hoi An is only about 15km from the Pho Co Hoi An area. This place is the crystallization of unique traditional values with the lively and exciting experience of a world-class amusement park.

Map of VinWonders Nam Hoi An

With a huge scale, VinWonders Nam Hoi An was built with 05 large subdivisions: Giao Thoa Wharf, Folklore Island, River Safari, Adventure Land, and Water World. If you don’t have a map of VinWonders Nam Hoi An, your discovery journey will most likely be more confusing because you are constantly “lost” in this vast world of cultural heritage and entertainment…

Map of VinWonders Nam Hoi An
Map of VinWonders Nam Hoi An

1. The land of adventure – “Strolling in the sky” with hundreds of classy games

This is a paradise of entertainment and entertainment with nearly 100 indoor games and more than 20 thrilling outdoor games. With young people who love adventure, love to explore, and always hold in their hearts the desire to constantly challenge themselves, Adventure Land will be the place to help visitors achieve their desires.

You will not be able to ignore the attraction of new games at VinWonders Nam Hoi An such as:

  • The Forgotten Valley: Through the cliffs with a length of up to 785m, visitors will experience the continuous rotations like a hypnotic maze that only the most steadfast hearts can overcome.
  • Desert vortex: Even thrill-seekers have to “fall in love” when experiencing a continuous 360-degree vortex with a speed of up to 19.8m/s.
  • Fall of the century: If you want to experience the feeling of falling straight from a 22-story building with a height of up to 85m, you must come to this highest free-fall tower in Vietnam.
  • PlayOke: Audition “players” will relive exciting childhood memories with an interactive dance game equipped with a very modern sound and light system.
The land of adventure Vinwonders Nam Hoi An
The land of adventure

2. Cool down, endless fun with Water World

In the colorful space of Water World, are you ready to conquer the “super” challenges of the world-class slide system here? Do not miss the following 02 “must-try” destinations:

  • Cyclone slide: Feeling like surfing on endless waves in the “black hole” basin with a diameter of up to 18m is an adventure journey for the hearts that love excitement.
  • Than Long slide: With two twisting slides, 120m long and 12m high, you will know what it feels like to play with speed.
Water World Vinwonders Nam Hoi An
Water World

3. Experience from the past to the present with Giao Thoa Wharf

After modern adventures, visitors will be surprised when they set foot in the intersection of Harbour, a land that completely recreates the beauty of Hoi An in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The journey of “interference” will be less bold if you ignore poetic destinations such as Hoi An-style riverside Old Town or Western-style Dream Avenue.

Giao Thoa Wharf Vinwonders Nam Hoi An
Giao Thoa Wharf

4. Folklore Island – Where heritage values ​​are honored

As the “heart” of VinWonders South Hoi An, Folklore Island is an opportunity for visitors to look back at the artistic floral drawings of traditional Vietnamese villages. This place not only marks the architectural space, and cultural areas but also helps you personally experience many unique art forms that have been recognized by UNESCO as the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Set foot in this spirit land, and do not forget to participate in attractive activities such as:

  • Breaking the craft village: Let’s transform into talented artisans with skillful hands to try to weave soft fabrics and each piece of Dó paper is as gentle as cotton.
  • Admire the space of different regions: The special architectures of all three regions of the North-Central-South are reproduced in the heart of Hoi An to reflect the daily life of Vietnamese people.
  • Enjoy the top-notch art performances: Visitors will be immersed in the lively atmosphere of various art forms such as Chau Van, Then Singing, Quan Ho Singing…
  • Relive the folk festival atmosphere in the real scene of “Returning to the Wharf”: A party of music, the director, and the artistically moving weapons combined right on the water will be fake due to the silence.
Folklore Island Vinwonders Nam Hoi An
Folklore Island

5. Explore the unique Nam Hoi An River Safari by boat floating on the river

River Safari Nam Hoi An will bring you and your family to a new experience: Ride a boat on the river to visit the first wild natural world in Vietnam. There are up to 530 individuals of 50 different animal species, including many species on the world’s conservation list such as antelope, saber-horned antelope, rhinoceros, kangaroos, lions, and tigers Belgal…

Nam Hoi An Vinwonders River Safari
Nam Hoi An River Safari

5.1. Explore the happy world of waterfowl

On boats leisurely gliding on the river, you will encounter beautiful and graceful “dancers” such as white swans, black swans, Tadorna mallards, and flamingos… This will be a super cool background and promises to bring you thousands of likes and pictures. Any frame here is beautiful, get your camera ready and save this memorable moment!

the happy world of waterfowl vinwonders Nam Hoi An
the happy world of waterfowl

5.2. Visit the kingdom of gentle herbivores

After exploring the Waterfowl World, the cruise will continue to lead you to the vast grassland kingdom – home to gentle herbivores such as antelope, wildebeest, and antelope. swords, giraffes, star deer, zebras, camels, etc.

Here, you will experience the feeling of standing close to the giraffes, stroking and feeding them. See with your own eyes the camels capable of drinking 100 liters of water in just 10 minutes or watch the super cute zebras have 2 “blooming” breasts. They are very friendly and active, you can enjoy taking pictures without fear!

the kingdom of gentle herbivores vinwonders nam hoi an
the kingdom of gentle herbivores

5.3. Witness the life of carnivores with your own eyes

The journey to experience the River Safari South Hoi An will be incomplete if you do not visit the habitat of carnivores such as Bengal tigers, African lions, sun bears, and sun bears…

Now, the image of dangerous, scary animals with a “foreign” survival instinct will no longer be on the small screen. Just go to River Safari South Hoi An, and you will be able to witness firsthand the “beasts” roaring in the sky right in front of your eyes.

More specifically, the friendly guides here will provide you with a lot of useful information, revealing why the lions here have the ability to stay thirsty for up to 4 days or how. but the “lord of the jungle” can still maintain a survival hunt within the reserve area

the life of carnivores vinwonders nam hoi an
the life of carnivores

5.4. Visit the “mecca” of primates, birds, and parrots

An integral part of River Safari’s wildlife is the “mecca” of primates, birds, and parrots. They are everywhere, from along the banks of the river to the end of the tour. The alertness of hundreds of species of apes and monkeys when guests visit the house, the chirping of birds, or the images of colorful parrots will make your journey even more interesting.

the “mecca” of primates, birds, and parrots vinwonders nam hoi an
the “mecca” of primates, birds, and parrots

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