What should we do if we only have one day in Da Nang?

Typically, you should spend 2-3 days traveling to Da Nang city. But you only have 1 day to stay here and transfer to Hoi An or Ha Noi. I would like to introduce you someplace for your trip. Choosing some sites and making your schedule

How to make a schedule for Da Nang – Hoi An – Hue

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Son Tra Peninsula (Monkey Moutain) ( it takes about 3 hours)

  • The best time to visit Son Tra Peninsula is between March and September when the nature and atmosphere are the most wonderful to enjoy
  • When exploring Son Tra, a taxi may cost much more expensive than a motorbike so if you want to save money, a motorcycle ride is highly recommended
  • Taking sunscreen and wearing shoes rather than flip-flops are recommended since you might have to ‘fight’ some sand and rocks to take photos of the magnificent views.
  • Around Son Tra Peninsula, the signal is not very good, so it’s better if you have a map of the area, plan the trip ahead or go with a local tour guide

Linh Ung Pagoda Son Tra Peninsula

The most prominent feature of Linh Ung Pagoda is the Lady Buddha statue, which is the tallest one in Vietnam with a height of 67 meters, equivalent to that of a 30-floor building. 

Da Nang

To enhance your travel to Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang, don’t forget to read some useful tips below:

  • + When visiting a spiritual destination, you should choose a polite outfit and avoid wearing shorts, crop tops, short skirts, etc.
  • + Visitors should walk lightly, be quiet and avoid touching public property in the pagoda.
  • + Linh Ung Pagoda is situated on the mountain, thus you should choose a pair of walking shoes instead of high heels. You should also bring sunscreen, hats, umbrellas, drinks, etc.

My Khe beach ( 2 hours in the Morning and 3 hours in the afternoon)

The best time to visit here is Early Morning Or Late Afternoon. It is really regrettable if you do not spend a little time swimming at the most beautiful beach on this planet.

The lack of large waves, warm water year-round, and an average 60-meter wide beach area, My Khe Beach is an ideal and safe place for both adults and children to swim at any time of year. My Khe also offers magnificent sunrise scenery so try to stay close to the beach to enjoy the stunning view right from your room.

The beach offers freshwater bathing for a fee of 3.000-5.000 VND (a quarter of USD). You could use fresh water from the hotel where you are staying, that is free at all.

Museum of Cham Sculpture (1.5 hours)

The Most Extensive Collection of Cham Art Worldwide…

The Cham Museum was built in Cham architectural style, using thin lines that are simple and gentle. The museum displays an intensive and diverse collection of Champa sculptures dating from the 7th to the 15th centuries when a matriarchal society prevailed.

The museum was established at the end of the 19th century by the Ecole Francaise d’Extreme Orient with a collection of artifacts gathered in central Vietnam, from Quang Binh to Binh Dinh. They were then displayed at Le Jardin de Tourane on a small hill by the Han River. This is the site of the present museum.

The building was designed by two French architects, Delaval and Auclair, in imitation of the most commonly used aspects of Champa towers and temples.

At present, the museum displays approximately 300 sandstone and terra-cotta sculptures, among which some are made from terracotta. Most of the artifacts are masterpieces of Champa art and some are considered to be equal to works anywhere in the world. The sculptures were collected from Cham temples and towers throughout Central Vietnam, more specifically the area stretching from Quang Binh to Binh Thuan.

Marble Moutain (1 hour)

Marble Mountain (Free ticket from now to the end of this year 2022). The best time for visiting here is in the morning. The light will be good enough to help you enjoy the beauty of the landscape here.

Huyen Khong cave in Da Nang is located in the open air with a flat base, round arch, there are 5 holes in the dome to let the outside through, bringing light in, making the whole cave extremely shimmering and fanciful. The entrance to the cave has an archway engraved with 3 words Huyen Khong Quan. The entrance gate has a narrow area, deep steps, and there is a statue of Mr. Evil and Mr. Good in the middle of the cave, which is a reminder that when people come to the Buddha’s door, they often take off all wrong thoughts. 

Inside the cave on a sunny day, the light shines down through the dome, you will feel the most shimmering beauty of the marble. At the end of the 19th century, based on the stone material, the French named this wonderful landscape “marble mountains”. 

Hai Van pass (It takes about 3 hours by motorbike)

You could rent a motorbike at your hotel and go through the Hai Van Pass to enjoy the landscape here. The price of renting a motorbike is about 150.000 – 200.000 VND for a day. ( 10 Usd)

A contender for the most famous road in Vietnam, the Hai Van Pass is a short but scenic route winding around a mountainside above the East Sea, on the central coast. Đèo Hải Vân – Ocean Cloud Pass – is famous for a number of reasons: as a geographic and political boundary between ancient kingdoms; as a climatic divide between the tropical south and the subtropical north; and as a strategic military post during times of war, both ancient and modern. 

Asian Park (It takes about 2 hours)

ASEAN Park free ticket from now to the end of this year. if you would like to join game, you could buy ticket game. They have combo from 150.000 – 200.000 VND

Helio Night Market ( It takes about 2-3 hours)

Helio Night Market is the largest and most renowned night market in Danang. Helio is where tourists can find anything they need: beautiful check-in spots, diverse items for shopping needs, delicious but affordable foods & drinks, live music, and cool games all night long. Generally, the market is divided into three main areas such as a food court, a shopping area, and a festival zone.

it can’t be denied that Helio is truly food heaven with a diversity of dishes from Vietnam as well as neighboring countries like China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, etc. Over 150 stalls of foods and beverages offering youngsters fevered-street food and Vietnamese traditional cuisine will surely satisfy even difficult gourmets. Especially, beer and barbeque space in Helio Night Market is where you can’t find anywhere else in Danang. This bustling area is decorated with impressive light effects and consists of hundreds of types of brand-new beers, and countless grilled food options. There is nothing more interesting than sitting at a barbecue, sipping beer, and enjoying food while listening to music from the main stage.

Cruise On Han River ( It takes about 1 hour including waiting time)

Cruise on the Han River is considered a favorite tourist activity of Da Nang. With this activity, you will experience the feeling of floating on the water, watching the poetic and shimmering Han River. You can also admire the illusory beauty of the bridges and the bustle on both sides of the river.

Many people say that it seems that all the excitement of Da Nang city is present here. Full of art with the statue of Carp turning into a Dragon, romantic with the Bridge of Love, bustling with Son Tra night market, brilliant with Sunwheel, etc. Especially, experiencing this service, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the food together with many exciting performances.

Time to start: 

Evening: +7:00 + 7:30 + 8:00 +8:30 +9:00

Small tip:

At 9 pm From Friday to Sunday. There are Dragon Bridge thrones fire and water. You could buy a ticket for the cruise (8:30) and enjoy this moment. I recommend you should book a ticket for a week in advance

The dragon bridge throws water and fire at 9pm from Friday to Sunday weekly. Each times about 15 minutes.

Con Market (It takes about 2 Hours)

The indoor foot court’s layout and arrangement are very neat and easy to follow. Along the path, it is divided into 2 neat and clean sides. On the left side, you can see many booths that trade sweet dishes such as tea, smoothies, fruits like a pickled toad, and pickled tamarind,… Looking to the right side this is the most interesting one you’ll see countless hot dishes that are ideal for main meals like breakfast, lunch, or even dinner…

Da nang

Ba Na hills and golden bridge (It takes about a half a day)

The Golden Bridge (Vietnam) is new architectural construction, which sets the location inside the Bana Hills entertainment – tourism complex. This bridge was built at the height of 1.400m above sea level and stretches about 150m long. The root of the name “Golden Bridge” comes from its gilded railing frame. 

Da Nang - Ba Na hill

Tourists flock here to take some pictures at the place where journalists and travel bloggers around the world are praising that being majestic and impressive as a scene in “Game of Thrones” or “The Lords of the Rings”. The image of a huge couple of ancient hands (which is like the hands of the Mountain God) lifting the bridge as a shining golden silk strip, toward the high blue sky with deep green forests below. 

DANANG, VIETNAM. Cable cabs are running on high wire at Bana Hills in Danang, Vietnam. Bana Hills is interesting tourist new places to visit

The cable car system was built with Australian technology, with equipment imported from Germany, Switzerland and Sweden. Basically, these cable cars are similar to those you’d find in the Alps.

Da Nang Cathedral ( it takes about 15 minutes)

Danang Cathedral is the cathedral of the Da Nang Diocese in central Vietnam. This is the only church built in Danang city in the French colonial period.

The imposing, candy-pink cathedral is known locally by the slightly less imposing name ‘Rooster’ (Con Ga) Church. The name comes from the rooster that sits atop the impressive steeple.

According to an explanation from the priest, the rooster on the roof of the church is not in fact the symbol of France but is a symbol associated with St Peter’s story in the Gospel about repentance and awakening.

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